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TAOYUANJIANMIN(1) Nanguo(1) LIMIN(2) Haidilao(1) HADAY(2) Xiang Ru(1) YING CHAO(2) Modocom(2) FUN YE(1) LAO GAN MA(4) CHANGXIANGSI(1)
Net Weight
210g(1) 840g (210g*4)(1) 750g(1) 300g (100g*3)(1) 560g (280g*2)(2) 360g (120g*3)(1) 1.25kg (125g*10)(1) 780g (260g*3)(1) 840g (280g*3)(1) 600g (300g*2)(1) 350g (50g*7)(1) 450g (225g*2)(1) 1470g (245g*6)(1) 270g (90g*3)(1) 900g (300g*3)(1) 405g (135g*3)(1) 1250g (125g*10)(1)
Tea Type
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