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Our school backpacks will help you be the coolest in your class. They carry your books, computer, lunch, etc. With brands like Swiss Gear, you are bound to find the bag you are looking for.
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Faber-Castell Models
Safety Standard
Applicable Scene
Number Of Colors
Use Classification
Fabric Material
Can It Be Lifted
Can You Lie Down?
Handrail Type
Five-Star Foot Material
Nylon cloth(1)
0.57KG(1) 0.75KG(1) 0.7KG(1) 0.5KG(1) 1.06KG(1) 245g(1) 0.9KG(1)
33*18*48CM(1) 345mm*490mm*240mm(1) 49*29*18(1) 480*320*200mm(1) 45-35-15cm(1) 44*31*15(1) W28H38T14cm(1) H50W34T18cm,46*16*30(1)
oxford(5) polyester-cotton blend(1) polyester fibre(3) nylon(2) canvas(2) Nylon cloth(1)
polyester(3) polyester fibre(4) Fabric lining(1) canvas(1) nylon(4) polyester-cotton blend(1)
waterproofing grade
Water repellent(2) water repellent(1)
memory capacity
color screen
touch screen
additional function
battery type
screen size
texture of inside covers
texture of covers
binding method
hole number
pitch of holes
Punch Capacity
Women's Korean version backpack,new style college and junior high school students' bag Sale
$12.05 $18.68
(0) (10)
Leisure backpack, Korean version,kanpsack,gentlemen's laptop bag, junior high school students' schoolbag,fashion Sale
$19.59 $24.11
(0) (14)
schoolbags for students in grade 2-3-5,Korean version,fashion backpacks Sale
$46.71 $59.37
(0) (10)
men's leisure backpack,simple canvas bag,knapsack,male students' bag, fashion Sale
$18.08 $23.05
(0) (16)
Caran·Y backpacks for junior and senior high school male and female students, Korean version of schoolbags,, fashionable leisure and traveling backpac Sale
$27.12 $37.67
(0) (16)
RUIGOR backpacks, men's Swiss laptop traveling backpack, junior/senior high school and university female student bag Sale
$27.12 $37.67
(0) (20)
oxford backpacks  new Korean version female schoolbags,Canvas Backpack Sale
$12.50 $18.98
(0) (17)
Sept-wolves backpack, male business men traveling backpacks,female leisure large capacity laptop schoolbags Sale
$25.61 $37.67
(0) (15)
Korean version of pupils'backpacks.schoolbag for 6-12 year-old schoolgirls Sale
$11.90 $17.63
(0) (12)
Septwolves business backpacks for male and female middle school students,laptop bags,men's traveling  backpack large capacity Sale
$27.12 $43.10
(0) (10)
15.6 inch Laptop bag, backpacks,  men's multi functional business backpack, college students' backpacks Sale
$25.61 $40.08
(0) (10)
Men's backpacks,  Korean version, leisure and traveling bag, junior high school student bag, canvas laptop bag Sale
$11.30 $17.63
(0) (10)
Junior high school female students' schoolbag, schoolboy fashionable,Korean version backpacks, big capacity traveling bag Sale
$13.56 $21.39
(0) (13)
Children's schoolbag, pupils in Grade3-5-4-6 Sale
$17.33 $26.82
(0) (11)
Korean version schoolbag schoolgirl of  6-12 years old in Grade 1-3-4,kindergarten child shoulder care backpacks Sale
$12.05 $15.67
(0) (15)
Korean version children's schoolbag for schoolgirl of 6-12 year old in Grade 3-5-4-6, Backpack Sale
$12.05 $15.97
(0) (19)
middle and junior high school girls'schoolbags, new Korean version, campus canvas backpacks Sale
$13.56 $21.39
(0) (15)
Men's fashion backpack, Korean schoolbag, male college students' sports,leisure,and travel bag Sale
$27.12 $40.38
(0) (20)
female Korean version schoolbag,ulzzang high school student backpack,campus Backpack Sale
$6.78 $10.54
(0) (17)
Junior high school boys' schoolbag,  five or six Grade boys' Canvas backpack, Korean version Sale
$15.07 $14.91
(0) (14)
Oxford female backpack, Korean version ulzzang schoolbag,Canvas Backpack Sale
$17.33 $18.68
(0) (13)
primary,middle and junior high school boys' Schoolbags, campus fashion backpack Sale
$21.09 $21.39
(0) (12)
Large capacity business travel bag, RUIGOR backpacks for male high school students,computer bags Sale
$37.67 $29.23
(0) (20)
Schoolgirl backpack PU leather schoolbag,6-12 years oldschoolgirls in Grade 1-3-5.knapsack Sale
$15.07 $12.96
(0) (10)
backpack for schoolboy in Grade 3-5-4-6, waterproof Sale
$11.30 $13.26
(0) (10)
Middle and high school boys' schoolbag, Korean Edition, primary and middle school girls' backpack, canvas, big capacity, waterproof Sale
$20.34 $18.68
(0) (15)
Men's Backpack, leisure knapsack,laptop bag, Korean version, high school students' bag Sale
$19.59 $21.39
(0) (11)
Oxford Cloth backpack, women's nylon bag ,Korean version, new style canvas bags, Fashion knapsack Sale
$28.63 $34.96
(0) (16)
male and female students' backpacks, waterproof, gym bag, new leisure KIPSTA Sale
$13.41 $18.68
(0) (13)
outdoor backpack, men and women's leisure bag, schoolbags,10L Sale
$16.57 $26.82
(0) (14)
men's backpack, Korean version, junior high school and college students'bag, knapsack,laptop bag Sale
$16.57 $21.39
(0) (14)
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