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Net Weight
500g(2) 1140g (190g*6)(1) 750g(1) 330g (22g*15)(1) 300g (150g*2)(1) 2.58kg (86g*30)(1) 528g (22g*24)(1) 280g(1) 540g (180g*3)(1) 400g(1) 660g (66g*10)(1) 840g (280g*3)(1) 200g (40g*5)(1) 720g (36g*20)(1)
Tea Type
Ingredient List
Tender Cucumber, Assorted Vegetables, Chinese Artichoke, Preserved Melon, Carrot, Shredded Ginger and Tender Cucumber(1) Carrot, Chilli, Vegetable Oil,Sesame, MSG, Sichuan Pepper Powder, White Granulated Sugar, Salt(1) Carrot, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, etc.(1) Tilapia Skin, Capsicum Frutescens, Horse-radish, Salt, Sugar, Fermented Vinegar, Erguotou Liquor, Seasoner, etc.(1) Nine-Head Mustard, Bamboo Shoot, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Aginomoto, Chicken Essence, etc.(1) Needle Mushroom, Dried Radish, Bamboo Shoot, Bean Sprout, Shredded Kelp, Cowpea, Green Vegetable, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Chili, Pepper, Spicery, Sugar, etc.(1) Carrot, Preserved Vegetables, Refined Vegetable Oil, Kidney Bean, White Pepper, Red Pepper, Salt, Garlic, Chive, Spicery, etc.(1) Leaf Mustard, Olive, Blend Oil, Soy Sauce, Sesame, Salt, Garlic, Onion(1) Agaric, Fried Pepper Sauce, Salt, Fermented Soy Sauce, Spices, Edible Essence(1) Kelp, Vegetable Oil, Chili, Salt, Spices, Yeast Extract(1) Pawpaw Shred, Chili, Fermented Soy Sauce, Ginger, Garlic, Salt, White Granulated Sugar, etc.(1) Mushroom, Fiddlehead, Bamboo Shoot, Vegetable Oil, Chili, Leaf Mustard, Ginger, Garlic, Salt, White Granulated Sugar, Spices, Yeast Extract(1) Cabbage, Water, Chili Powder, Fructose Syrup, Chives, Shrimp Paste, Garlic, Salt, Fish Sauce, Ginger, MSG, Starch, Fragrant-Flowered Garlic, Oyster Sauce, Carp Seasoning, Maltose Syrupp, Fermented Vin(1) Chive Flower, Salt(1) Bean, Water, Vegetable Oil, Chili, Salt, White Granulated Sugar, Pickled Pepper, Spices, Edible Essence(1)
Food Additives
No(1) See the Packaging for Details(3) Sodium Glutamate(1) Sodium Glutamate, Acesulfame, Citric Acid, etc.(1) Aspartame(Phenylalanine included), Xanthan Gum, Sodium Cyclamate, etc.(1) No Preservatives(2) See the Package for Details(1) Sodium Glutamate, Lactic Acid, Glacial Acetic Acid, etc.(1) DL-Malic Acid, Xanthan Gum(1)
Shelf Life
720 Days(1) 360 Days(1) 365 Days(3) 270 Days(1) 180 Days(4) 300 Days(1) 80 Days(1) 480 Days(1) 390 Days(2)
Sealed, Dry, Ventilated Shade(6) Sealed, Dry, Refrigerated(2) Sealed, Dry, Ventilated Shade, and Refrigerated After Opening(1) Sealed, Dry, Ventilated Shade, or Refrigerated(4) Sealed, Refrigerated below 18°C(1) Sealed, Dry, Refrigerated(0℃-10℃)(1)
Packing Type
Canned(1) Boxed(1) Bagged(8) Gift Box(1) Bottled(4)
Whether Sugar
Growing Season
Picking Time
Applicable Stage
Suitable Age
Spicy bean, pickled vegetable, preserved vegetable, appetizer, Hunan specialty, 36g*20 Sale
$8.43 $11.60
Chive flower paste, hot pot dipping sauce, Inner Mongolian style, pickled vegetable, sated vegetable, 500g Sale
$7.83 $10.70
Pickled cabbage, spicy cabbage, pickled vegetable, preserved vegetable, appetizer, 40g*5 Sale
$7.83 $10.70
(28) (14)
Preserved mushroom 280g + preserved fiddlehead 280g + preserved bamboo shoot 280g, pickled vegetable, preserved vegetable, appetizer Sale
$11.90 $16.27
Spicy shredded pawpaw, preserved pawpaw, preserved vegetable, appetizer, 400g Sale
$9.49 $13.11
Spicy shredded kelp, ready-to-eat kelp, instant dish, 500g Sale
$7.53 $10.24
Spicy diced carrots, preserved carrot, appetizer, 750g Sale
$7.53 $12.05
SIMEI assorted pickles, preserved cucumber, salted vegetable, preserved carrot, appetizer, 190g*6 Sale
$15.07 $22.60
Preserved olive vegetable, preserved vegetable, appetizer, no preservatives, ready-to-eat dish, 180g*3 Sale
$10.54 $16.57
Pickled Cowpea, preserved vegetable, appetizer, 30g*20 Sale
$9.04 $15.07
Pickled agaric and vegetable, preserved Sichuan pickle, preserved vegetable, appetizer, 66g*10 Sale
$9.04 $15.07
Grandma's Farm Vegetables, ready-to-eat dish, spicy pickled vegetables, can be used with rice and noodles, 280g Sale
$7.53 $12.05
Spicy needle mushroom, dried radish, crispy bamboo shoot, bean sprout, shredded kelp, cowpea, pickled vegetable, ready-to-eat dish, 22g*24 Sale
$8.28 $13.56
Asparagus, shredded bamboo shoots, salted and sour vegetable, ready-to-eat-dish, 86g*30 Sale
$15.82 $24.11
Spicy fish skin with pickled peppers, Dalian seefood, ready-to-eat dish, 150g*2 Sale
$8.28 $15.07
Pickled mustard tuber, salted vegetable, small packaging, 22g*15 Sale
$7.53 $13.56
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