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Item Number
Packing Type
Faber-Castell Models
Safety Standard
Applicable Scene
Number Of Colors
Use Classification
Fabric Material
Can It Be Lifted
Can You Lie Down?
Handrail Type
Five-Star Foot Material
001(1) 0968(1) 11(1) 201(1) 5/10一包(1) cy310-14c(1) 1104(1) M700370(1) a3(1) 0013(1) 9848(1) L型4(1) KC6005(1) H66-A4(1) JLJ001(1) CY0674(1)
PU(4) PP(2) pp(1) canvas(1) Snowflake mud foams(1) leather(1) PVC mesh(1)
waterproofing grade
memory capacity
color screen
touch screen
additional function
battery type
screen size
32.5*24.5(1) A4 [270*345*30(mm)](1) A4-310MM*220MM(1) A4(3) A3(1) A4(240*350MM)(1) 4 layer(1) 390*55*295(mm(1) A4:34*24.5cm(1)
texture of inside covers
texture of covers
binding method
hole number
pitch of holes
Punch Capacity
Folder with Calculator,Customized Pu Multi-functional Manager Folder A4 Sale
$10.39 $14.47
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L-folder A4 transparent plastic PP folder,loose-leaf folder customized logo Sale
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A4 folder,two-hole, wholesale Sale
$1.29 $1.80
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A3 Document folder, Student Office Supplies Sale
$1.13 $1.44
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file Bag,Office Stationery,A4, Multi functional,Information Bag Sale
$5.72 $6.94
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A4 Multifunctional Folder,Zipper Office Folder Sale
$7.61 $10.63
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9848 Four-column File Box,File Column Rack Sale
$4.82 $6.58
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Office Document Bag Customized Logo Briefcase Men's Meeting Document Bag Sale
$7.08 $9.89
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cartoon folder A4 plastic L folder transparent color,customized on demand Sale
$0.39 $0.53
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A4 folder,office stationery,multi-function folder customized logo Sale
$4.37 $5.16
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double-layer grid A4 zipper bag, 10pcs/pack,office fireproof file bag,file bag Sale
$3.76 $5.01
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Multi-layer File Bag Oxford cloth, 10pcs/pack,Transparent,Office Supplies,Zipper Pen Bag Sale
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soft gel wallet, cartoon headphone bag, 10pcs/pack, battery pack charger storage box, coin handbag Sale
$3.76 $4.61
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cute headphone packs, 10pcs/pack,mobile phone charger/data line bag, portable wallet Sale
$5.72 $6.78
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A4 multifunctional folder, office folder Sale
$2.86 $4.31
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Folder, multi layer A4, file bag, business package Sale
$0.73 $1.05
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stationery A4 PP blue folder,double folder,office supplies Sale
$0.58 $0.86
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students' A4 test paper bag, 10pcs/pack, multi functional transparent plastic material bag, office supplies, customizable Sale
$2.86 $3.39
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drawbar clip,A4,thickened frosted transparent folder,A3 book clip,test paper folder Sale
$3.01 $4.28
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Five folders,office supplies,A4,multi-layer file bag,folder for students Sale
$3.01 $4.20
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folder,brochure,Office Supplies,Multilayer, A4 Korean-style Sale
$0.75 $0.86
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Multi-layer folder,information brochure, Office Supplies Sale
$1.95 $2.38
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Multi layer folder,information brochure,  A4,storage bag,office supplies Sale
$1.95 $2.65
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Enterprise handbags, customized paper bags, printing gift bags, custom-made packaging bags, customized advertising, shopping bags production Sale
$0.21 $0.27
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Carton,custom-made carton and packaging box,printing logo,small cardboard cases for express packaging Sale
$0.24 $0.27
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