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BE & CHEERY(2) Three Squirrels(2) BESTORE(4) Reecen(1) Brother Bay(1) JINZAI(1) HONGTA(1) JINPENG(1) WAI PO QIAO(1) OCEAN CAPTAIN(1)
Net Weight
200g(1) 500g(3) 100g(1) 88g(1) 400g(1) 300g(1) 90g(2) 108g(1) 600g (100g*6)(1) 160g (80g*2)(1) 115g(1) 264g (88g*3)(1)
Tea Type
Ingredient List
Scallop, Edible Oil, Drinking Water, White Granulated Sugar, Edible Salt, etc.(1) Squid, White Granulated Sugar, Edible Salt, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Glutamate, Potassium Sorbate(1) Squid, White Granulated Sugar, Edible Salt, Aginomoto, Spicery, Potassium Sorbate(1) Fish, White Granulated Sugar, Water, Starch, Vegetable Oil, etc.(1) Yellow Croaker, Salt, White Granulated Sugar, Aginomoto, Spices(1) Octopus Foot, White Granulated Sugar, Salt, Aginomoto, Spices(1) Frozen Snailfish, White Granulated Sugar, Salt, Aginomoto(1) Frozen Surimi(Fish, White Granulated Sugar), Water, Cheese, Starch, Butter, Soybean Oil, Shortening, Trehalose, Whole Milk Powder, Egg White Powder, Isolated Soybean Protein, Salt, White Granulated Su(1) Frozen Surimi Product(Sea Fish, Water, Soybean Oil, Egg White, Salt, White Granulated Sugar, MSG, Corn Starch, etc.), Spices(1) Saury, White Granulated Sugar, Vegetbale Oil, Salt, Fermented Soy Sauce, MSG, Spices(1) Squid Tentacle, White Granulated Sugar, Salt, MSG, Vegetable Oil, Spices(1) Fish Larvae, Vegetable Oil, Fermented Soy Sauce, White Granulated Sugar, Chili, Yeast Extract, Edible Essence(1) Frozen Surimi(Fish, White Granulated Sugar), Water, Starch, Soybean Protein, Salt, White Granulated Sugar, MSG, Spices)(1)
Food Additives
Potassium Sorbate(2) See the Packaging for Details(3) Starch Acetate, D-sorbitol Solution, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, etc.(1) Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Sodium Pyrophosphate, etc.(1) Sodium Glutamate, Paprika, D-Sodium Erythorbate, etc.(1) Sodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Sodium Lactate, etc.(1)
Shelf Life
365 Days(3) 270 Days(6) 180 Days(4) 240 Days(1) 1,090 Days(1)
Sealed, Dry, Ventilated Shade(10) Sealed, Dry, Refrigerated(3) Sealed, Dry, Ventilated Shade, or Refrigerated(2)
Packing Type
Canned(1) Boxed(1) Bagged(6)
Whether Sugar
Growing Season
Picking Time
Applicable Stage
Suitable Age
BESTORE cheese fish cake, fish sausage, ready-to-eat seafood, seafood snack, 115g Sale
$12.35 $14.91
(60) (12)
Imitated crab stick, ready-to-eat seafood, snack, 500g Sale
$14.31 $17.48
Dried small fish, dried fish, fish snack, ready-to-eat fish, Hunan specialty, 300g Sale
$12.35 $14.76
(58) (13)
Three Squirrels squid foot slice, seafood snack, ready-to-eat fish,  88g*3 Sale
$14.46 $17.78
BESTORE saury, seafood snack, ready-to-eat fish, 90g Sale
$8.74 $11.90
(22) (20)
BE & CHEERY fish ball, seafood snack, ready-to-eat seafood, 108g Sale
$9.19 $14.01
OCEAN CAPTAIN Roast Fish Fillet, grilled fillet, ready-to-eat seafood, dried fish snack, Qingdao specialty, 400g Sale
$16.57 $25.61
(22) (14)
Brother Bay Charcoal Grilled Sliced Octopus Foot, seafood snack, 500g Sale
$13.56 $19.59
JINPENG Crisp Roast Yellow Croaker, ready-to-eat yellow croaker, dried fish, dried seafood, 500g Sale
$12.05 $18.08
(22) (14)
WAI PO QIAO dried scallop, dried seafood, canned seafood, 200g Sale
$16.57 $25.61
BESTORE fish fillet, ready-to-eat seafood, seafood snack, 90g Sale
$10.54 $16.57
Three Squirrels Grilled Squid, ready-to-eat seafood, 88g Sale
$10.54 $16.57
BE & CHEERY Dried Shredded Squid, Dried Sliced Squid, ready-to-eat seafood, 80g*2 Sale
$12.05 $19.59
BESTORE Yesso Scallop, ready-to-eat seafood, 100g Sale
$12.05 $19.59
(22) (11)
HONGTA Canned Scallop Meat, cooked seafood, ready-to-eat can, 100g*6 Sale
$17.33 $27.12
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