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BE & CHEERY(1) Three Squirrels(2) BESTORE(1) Franzzi(2) BOUQUET(1) ZHENQIAO(1) YOTIME(1) FHEZI(1) Haochidian(1) O·C·HOME(1)
Net Weight
200g(1) 1000g(1) 200g (100g*2)(1) 100g(1) 230g*2(1) 600g (200g*3)(1) 320g (160g*2)(1) 580g(1) 120g(2) 624g (208g*3)(1) 285g(1)
Tea Type
Ingredient List
See the Packaging for Details(2) Low-Gluten Wheat Flour, Refined Vegetable Oil, Water, Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Egg Liquid, Shortening, Salt, Edible Essence, etc.(1) Wheat Flour, White Granulated Sugar, Margarine, Butter, Cranberry(7%), Egg, Salt(1) Low-Gluten Flour, Sugar, Butter, Egg, Milk, High-Gluten Flour, Almond Slice, Dried Grape, Honey, etc.(1) Egg, Milk, Wheat Flour, Quinoa, White Kidney Bean, etc.(1) Wheat Flour, Sugar, Margarine, Refined Vegetable Oil, Egg, Coconut, Shredded Coconut Stuffing, Concentrated Milk, Whole Milk Powder, Salt, etc.(1) Wheat Flour, Mango Syrup Powder, Maltose, White Granulated Sugar, Water, Rice Flour, Milk Powder, Margarine, Dried Cranberry, Whole Egg Liquid, Salt, etc.(1) Wheat Flour, Margarine, White Granulated Sugar, Egg, Buttercream, Walnut Kernel, Cashew Nut, Strawberry Jam, Concentrated Milk, Butter, Chocolate Bean, Glucose Syrup, Orange Peel, Dried Cranberry, Bro(1) Wheat Flour, White Granulated Sugar, Margarine, Butter, Dried Cranberry, Egg, Salt(1) Wheat Flour, Water, White Granulated Sugar, Egg, Margarine, Salt, Yeast(1) Rice, Palm Oil, White Granulated Sugar, Starch, Salt, Seaweed, etc.(1)
Food Additives
No(1) See the Packaging for Details(2) Phospholipid, Beta-carotene, Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate, etc.(1) Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate(1) Leavening Agent(503ii), Antioxidant(319)(1) D-sorbitol Solution, Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate, Glycerin, etc.(1)
Shelf Life
365 Days(3) 270 Days(2) 180 Days(4) 60 Days(1) 90 Days(1) 150 Days(1)
Sealed, Dry, Ventilated Shade(11) Dry, Ventilated Shade, Normal Temperature(1)
Packing Type
Canned(2) Boxed(2) Bagged(3) Gift Box(3)
Whether Sugar
Growing Season
Picking Time
Applicable Stage
Suitable Age
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