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Simply search for high quality Office & School Supplies on chinashoppingworld .com. You can browse E-education, Stationary, Consumables, office Equipment and more for office workers and students. Some of the articles can be made specially according to your own specifications. We offer the best prices, fast shipping and top-rated customer service.
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The screen size
Number of CPU cores
Item Number
Siyi(1) Yongyi(1)
Standby mode
Packing Type
Faber-Castell Models
Safety Standard
Wood(13) plastic(129) alloy(1) tempered glass(1) metal(28)
3260(1) 1120MFP 1040 FS-1020 1060(1) JBY-D-607(C)(1) JBYJ-2116(1) JBYD 33308(C)(1) JBYD-BG618(1)
Applicable Scene
Number Of Colors
Use Classification
Fabric Material
90120(1) alloy(1) Bopp(14)
Can It Be Lifted
Can You Lie Down?
Handrail Type
Five-Star Foot Material
Nylon cloth(1)
4.6KG(1) 0.40KG(1) 0.57KG(1) 0.75KG(1) 0.7KG(1) 0.5KG(1) 1.06KG(1) 245g(1) 0.9KG(1) 7g(1) 210g(1) 1.6 KG(1)
33*18*48CM(1) 345mm*490mm*240mm(1) 49*29*18(1) 480*320*200mm(1) 45-35-15cm(1) 44*31*15(1) W28H38T14cm(1) H50W34T18cm,46*16*30(1)
MFC-1919NW(1) V1000(1) PSTN-26(1) AUCTOPUS PSTN(1) BGX-A/D-45(1) CT202229(1) TWA-1(1) WD-001(1) 8602(1) U+5456(1) 001(5) 8840(2) A417-1(1) 02-7101(1) HM-001(1) 254(1) 9843(1) G7-25(1) G6-23(1) A44(1) AB51(1) 2862-1(1) KUI-665(1) SFL-W009(1) TK25-2(1) 23.5cm*21cm(2) A302(2) 41#36#6(1) H278(1) A5(3) 7076 7077(1) 13428(1) 000006(1) YSK-7-2063(1) 1(3) 18cm(1) 9057(1) 772(2) 9051(3) 0.5mm(2) 5013(1) PP(2) 17.5*0.72(2) 0968(2) 01(3) 25-01(1) 2165(1) 25-03(1) YGDB-0002(1) BD84(1) YGCY-0041(1) A1248(1) 17CM(1) 728(1) B093(1) 4.5*4CM(1) 9730(1) A203(1) 033(2) 023(1) B064(1) A039(1) B060(1) 899(1) N-YX029(1) 018(1) 5050-1(1) HC1013(1) TYJ-001(1) 6117-4(1) A05(1) TYJ-218(1) 25-08-10(1) CH5025(1) 25-02(1) JC15-16KO1(2) YG088(1) A91(1) PU-NOTEBOOK(1) a6 65(1) 20171005(1) YP-032301(2) 2018(1) 002(2) 11(1) 905(1) 90088C(1) 201(1) LJ-8765A(1) A5-05(1) 120(1) SL-8325(1) 155(2) 5/10一包(1) LX-603(1) ZH-01(2) 6881(1) SY-8625(1) LBP-025(2) 125(1) TZ-14-2262(1) iconic(1) bsz01(1) 787*1092mm(1) 75x53cm(1) 100789(1) ZG(1) 80g(1) 17324(1) Tang paper(1) AK-1604(1) FPYNF458(1) AK1603(1) 6434(1) EN160102(1) TS8270(1) ST11325(1) 7cm10cm13cm15cm20cm25cm(1) A-001(1) 334小pp(2) 105(3) 33267(1) TRA-1(1) B110CR(1) KB0001BL(1) LT-1001(1) CT201595(1) CT202873(1) cp118w(1) 132(1) CT202138(1) HL-1218W(1) NPG-28(1) 7080D(1) 2560(2) AMS-Q2612A(1) 1043(1) MJ-CC388A(1) HP & Canon(1) 1020 1005 1010 12a(1) TN1035(1) CT202252(1) MLT-D707L(1) DLH-388AT(1) cy310-14c(1) 1104(1) 203(1) Q0058(1) C6823(1) 888(4) 7155(1) 7700(1) 7156(1) QF-A45100(2) HS-20S5(1) TP1(1) C4W(1) C6HC(1) 14608(1) 14601(1) 3870(1) 3888(1) GD-50N(1) FDG-A1/D-70(1) BGX-M/D-60(1) GJ-25(1) SOUNDSTATION 2 standard(1) HWDCD1698(21)P/TSD(1) TEVO-A100(1) AOKIA 200(1) TPS650(2) E200(1) TK-V8X2(1) TK-703C809A(1) RT-181(1) WS-BLS(1) KT-X13(1) 3765(1) M1(1) 3960(1) 9912(2) 9939(2) C560(1) DocuCentre S2110NDA(1) IR2204N(1) C3020(1) 2010(1) CanoScan 9000F MarkⅡ(1) V370(1) ScanSnap ix500(1) LIDE120(2) JBYD-881(B)(2) FP343cn(1) KX-FP7009CN(1) KX-FT932CN(1) FT-872CN(1) A5(CF-C2102)(1) 1136(1) LaserJet Pro MFP M126nw(1) LaserJet pro M1136 MFP(1) iC MF3010(1) GP1324D(1) L6168(2) L850(1) DCP-7080D(1) J6S(1) C6(1) CB-S05E(1) RD--806(1) G230R4K3(1) RP-108(1) A4-230-200P(1) LW4R(1) A4-70G(1) CS220E/CS200E(1) TYA-(1) AS12KW(1) ZF(1) 815 816(1) HP803(1) MC-2612AL(2) HP and Canon Toner(1) Q2612A CF280 C7115A HP(1) AMS-TF-CC388A(1) HF-Samsung 101(1) HF-CGR337(1) MFC-7360(1) Q2612A(1) F8319(1) 5004-1(1) FX-82ES PLUS(1) 1654(1) 1559N(1) 837ES(1) 1512(1) sd6610(1) 114468(1) R-518(1) JBYD-KY952(B)(1) JBY-D-302(B)(1) 1599(1) JBYD 33316(B)(1) JBYD-HT-2780B(B)(1) JBYD-1000(B)(1) yhz(1) 82012(1) YCT003(1) CC0168(1) B203(2) 17224(1) 0807(1) 8604(1) 031-15(1) 2111(1) 86111(1) 2114(1) 86112(1) 0211(1) 2118(1) 1029(1) 707(1) 20171205(1) 1494(1) ksmj31415926(1) HH1050(1) A371-1(1) KTZXB0090LT(1) 917(1) HH365(1) TYJ-213-9(1) M700370(1) 031-5(1) FC100-100(1) 32301(1) YX-001(1) 6802(1) L105(1) KH20(1) ZXB-2-2083(1) a3(1) CA4P1841(1) 0013(1) CL-102(1) card-b-04(1) TYD281A2(1) 668(1) TR-BF12397(1) 295(1) ZXB-2-2309(1) BZ121(1) A1220(1) fjjj(1) water-proof(1) LJ-005(1) 107(1) WNQ(1) ZXB-4-2230(1) ZXB-2-2281(1) LX6605(1) FAVOR(1) P50-755(1) 9848(1) 391(1) L型4(1) HH-5001(1) RPA530(1) ZXB-3-2108(1) KC6005(1) 158(1) 100pcs/opp(1) hwj-0014(1) 9107(1) KC6556(1) hwj0001(1) HH168: 14.5x1.0cm(1) H66-A4(1) wxr-DB(1) 602(1) 8015(1) RP-3139(1) JLJ001(1) ZH-1601(1) 1089(1) BJB008(1) RB015(1) TND-HY48002(1) 1200(1) Y8302(1) FC-CM-01(1) WZ-010(1) TK5-B5(1) D2-5(1) 8761(1) s908 s907 S940 S941 S943 S944(1) 179(1) CH-177(1) JC-17HY009(1) CY0674(1) QL-150(1) 302(1) GP-219(1) 111(1) 8060(1) 41360(1) BSD862(1) A448(1) NB-8031(1) h45(1) 678843(1) 959(1) F32(1) ShouZ006(1) GP-091(1) YYP-01(1) YS-8102(1) 6518 6519 6520 6521 6522 6523 6524(1) ZX16(1) RP2137(1) KC4499(1) A530(1) 948,949(1) K(1) CAGIE/卡杰 CA5P1831(1) S-12(1) 04840(1) PC1032(1) T5-60.72.80(1) SY0504(1) 455(1) TYJ-219(1) 4564(1) HC-001(1) LJ-X32810A(1) 52148(1) TR-BF12978(1) W-209(1) R4(1)
oxford(5) polyester-cotton blend(1) pet(1) paper(3) ABS(1) soft silicone(1) PVC(3) PU(5) tinplate(1) PP(6) polyester cloth(3) silica gel(1) brown paper, cellophane(1) brown paper(3) cellophane(1) corrugated paper(1) paper of pearl-smooth(1) pp(1) TRA-1(1) polyester fibre(3) nylon(2) canvas(3) Nylon cloth(1) carbon fibre(1) bamboo(2) silicone(1) Snowflake mud foams(1) leather(2) PVC mesh(1) basswood(1) Paper(2) pu(1) offset paper(1) Nylon(1) Leather(1) plastic(1)
polyester(3) polyester fibre(4) Fabric lining(1) canvas(1) nylon(4) polyester-cotton blend(1)
waterproofing grade
Water repellent(2) water repellent(1)
memory capacity
P.T.Epson Batam, Plant 2(1) PFU(1) Deli(4) Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co., Ltd(1)
color screen
touch screen
additional function
battery type
screen size
0.5 mm (17.3*0.75 cm)(1) 21cm(1) 5mm*5m(1) 27CM(1) 32.5*24.5(1) 380mm*350mm*170mm(1) 90*120(1) L: 100m/130/150/180m; W: 4.2/4.7/5.5/6.0cm(1) 50*15*31cm(1) 0.38mm(4) 0.5 mm (length: 17.2 cm )(1) 0.5 mm ( 17.3*0.75 cm)(1) 0.5 mm (length: 17.2 cm)(1) 0.5mm (173 mm)(1) 0.5 mm(length:17.3 cm)(1) 0.5 mm (Length: 173 mm)(1) 0.5 mm(Length: 17.3 cm)(1) 0.5mm ( 17.3*0.75cm)(1) 0.5 mm (length: 173 mm)(1) 6.5*2.5 cm(1) 0.5mm (length 14cm)(1) 16CM(1) 16.6cm(1) 0.5mm(16) 20cm(1) A5- 14*21cm(1) 13.9x1.1cm(1) 145*10 mm(1) 18.5cm(2) 14cm(2) 15.0 cm * 1.0 cm * 1.0 cm(1) 14.1*1.0CM(1) A4 [270*345*30(mm)](1) 0.5-1.0mm(1) A4-310MM*220MM(1) 1.0mm(1) A4(4) A3(1) A4(208*285MM)(1) A4(240*350MM)(1) 0.55mm(1) A5(3) 12*1CM(1) 13.8x1.0cm(1) 17.7cm(1) 32K, 18.5*12.5㎝(1) 33.0 cm * 21.0 cm * 22.0 cm(1) 0.7mm(1) 12*141mm(1) 19CM(1) A6(2) 4 layer(1) 12.5CM(1) A5- 142*208(1) 390*55*295(mm(1) 14mm*10mm(1) 140mm*10mm(1) 14.1x1.1cm(1) 13*144MM(1) 18cm(2) 0.3mm(1) 12.5cm*1.7cm(1) 14.5cm(3) 1.0(1) A4:34*24.5cm(1) 20.5x9.5cm(1) 14*1.39cm(1) A4 A5 A6(1) 14.5*21cm(1) 2.8mm(1) 12 pcs/box(1) 175*8mm(1) A5- 21*14cm(1) 0.8mm(1) 14CM(1) 14*10cm(1) 16*8.6CM(1) 5*12.5(1) 142*208(1) 14.3*0.8cm(1) 13cm(1) 11*22*4.5cm(1) 19*4.5*5(1) B5-A5-A6(1) 215 mm*150 mm(1) 14.5X1.1cm(1) 15cm(1) 13.9X1.2cm(1)
texture of inside covers
two-sided offset paper(1) Dowling(1)
texture of covers
leather(1) imitated leather(2)
binding method
thread-bound edition(3) gel nail binding(1) gel nail binding(1)
A5(3) A5,B5,A4(1) 32K(1) A4(1) 0.5mm(3) 50 pcs/box(1)
64(1) 100(1) 60(1)
hole number
4(1) 2(13) 1(2) 6(1) 3(1)
pitch of holes
Punch Capacity
35(5) 10(1) 20(1) 20 Sheets(1) 35L(1)
Deli A4 copy paper,70g/㎡,80g/㎡, 500pages*5, 5 packages Sale
$22.60 $32.28
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A4 copy paper,70g/㎡,80g/㎡, 500pages*5, 5 packages Sale
$19.59 $28.48
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A4 copy paper,500*5 pages, 5 boxes, office paper Sale
$22.60 $32.00
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CS220E/CS200E color ribbon with CS220e color ribbon Sale
$87.40 $122.06
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color ribbon 100*300  electronic thermal transfer barcode/label printer supplies Sale
$4.52 $6.47
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whole resin ribbon,110*300 labelling machine ribbon Sale
$4.22 $5.47
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8m label ribbon AS12KW label printing ribbon for EPSON / KingJim labelling machine Sale
$3.01 $3.79
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compounded ribbon 110*300,scratch resistant ribbon for labels Sale
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PG-815 CL816 cartridge for 2780 MP288 MP236 printer Sale
$10.54 $14.91
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cartridge Compatible with HP 803XL,HP 803 cartridge,applies to 1111 HP2131 HP2132 HP1112 printer Sale
$7.53 $10.57
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cartridge Compatible with HP HP803, HP1111 hp2131 hp2132 hp1112 printer Sale
$12.05 $16.76
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M3M7 quick drying cartridge,code machine 530 cartridge Sale
$72.33 $108.50
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Applies to fs1020mfp cartridge TK1003/1113 1120 cartridge p1025d toner 1040 components Sale
$4.52 $6.23
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toner applies to 388a M1136 m1213nf 10071136 88a Sale
$1.35 $1.87
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HP 2612a toner, applies to HP1020 M1005 12a M1319 1022 Sale
$1.13 $1.62
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toner applies to 388a M1136 m1213nf 1007 1136 88a m126a  toner Cartridge Sale
$1.28 $1.87
Add to Wishlist (20)
toner applies to Samsung 101, 3401/3406/ML-2161/2166W/761P toner cartridge toner Sale
$1.80 $2.65
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toner applies to Canon CRG-337, MF211 215 216n 226dn 229dw toner cartridge toner Sale
$1.95 $2.65
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M105b P158b M218fw M158b P105b M158f toner cartridge Sale
$11.90 $17.63
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printer mfc-7360 toner cartridge, cartridge Sale
$16.42 $24.14
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Suitable for 88A toner cartridge 388a,easy to add powder,CC388A HP M1136MFP cartridge HP1007 printer P1108 Sale
$8.89 $13.02
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HP12A toner cartridge Q2612A cartridge HP1020 HP1005 printer HP1010 M1005 Sale
$3.76 $5.39
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hp12A toner cartridge HP1020 printer,hp1005 HP M1005mfp toner cartridge LaserJet Sale
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Deli folder information brochure,  transparent multi layer A4 folder,students' test paper storage bag, office supplies Sale
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folder, four columns, multi-layer  office supplies storage, file box Sale
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KOBEST students' A4 organ pack, hand test paper folder, multi layer folder, Bill bag, briefcase information packet Sale
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folder, organ pack, vertical A4 test paper storage bag, students' multi-layer folder Sale
$6.02 $6.51
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Deli folder, multi layer brochure, students' A4 paging, transparent folder, loose-leaf binders,office supplies Sale
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weasel hair oil brush, crystal frosted  plastic rod, a packet of 12 pieces Sale
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280g pure cotton oil frame,canvas frame,40*50 Sale
$0.60 $0.78
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nylon hair plate brush, paint brush, art painting, children's oil painting brush Sale
$0.06 $0.06
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picture frame, linen oil painting cloth frame, pine inner frame, customized Sale
$0.60 $0.81
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Two sided easel, 1.5 meter wooden frame, wooden pine, sketching, Sketchpad Sale
$3.16 $4.61
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environmental-friendly children'watercolor pen, easy to clean,color paintbrush Sale
$1.19 $1.62
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Pupil 86,68,42 pcs painting suit, gift box, Paintbrush, watercolor pen, children's stationery Sale
$1.04 $1.41
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Super Kids painting stationery set,art paintbrush, crayon, watercolor pen Sale
$11.90 $17.63
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primary and middle school students 150pcs large painting suit, gift box, Paintbrush, watercolor pen for children Sale
$5.12 $7.18
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7 inch wood colored pencils,first class basswood, customized LOGO Sale
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Enterprise handbags, customized paper bags, printing gift bags, custom-made packaging bags, customized advertising, shopping bags production Sale
$0.21 $0.27
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Carton,custom-made carton and packaging box,printing logo,small cardboard cases for express packaging Sale
$0.24 $0.27
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Casio FX-82ES PLUS calculator for student's examination Sale
$13.41 $19.25
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Deli big screen big button calculator for financial officer, solar human voice Sale
$5.27 $7.59
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Deli1559N human voice calculator for financial officers,12 large crystal large button, big screen Sale
$5.72 $8.11
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Deli calculator 837  for financial officers, solar dual power,human voice,large keystroke Office Sale
$2.56 $3.25
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Deli voice calculator for financial officer,12 big button,human voice Sale
$3.76 $5.29
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HB pencil with eraser for  Primary School Children, non toxic,a packet of 100 pencils Sale
$4.82 $6.71
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48 and 72 water-soluble color pencils, Colored pencil, water color pens,water brush, brush pen Sale
$4.82 $6.78
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HB 2B 4B,6B,8B pencil for test,primary school students' drawing pencil,non-toxic Sale
$2.11 $2.65
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erasers;pencil, ball pen, pen erasers Sale
$2.11 $2.84
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2B pencils for primary school children, non-toxic HB pencil, stationery wholesale Sale
$2.26 $2.95
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518 Counterfeit Detector,small portable money counter for household and office,in view of the new version of RMB Sale
$21.09 $32.00
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special money counter class B for bank, in view of the new version of RMB, B type intelligent small portable machine Sale
$125.08 $184.45
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special money counter class B for household and office and bank, in view of the new version RMB Sale
$165.77 $243.86
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302B money counter class B,special mini Counterfeit Detector for bank and office, in view of the new RMB Sale
$51.23 $70.25
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money counter, inspection of multi currencies,support plastic currency Sale
$82.88 $124.23
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Deli 33316Counterfeit Detector in view of the new version RMB,small portable money counter for bank, office and household Sale
$88.91 $134.27
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money counter, HT-2700+ (B) new intelligent Counterfeit Detector Sale
$286.33 $428.59
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HT-2780 (B)money counter, new Counterfeit Detector Sale
$286.33 $428.59
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Counterfeit Detector in view of the new RMB,special Mini machine for bank and household,portable encharged money counter Sale
$67.81 $99.82
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Counterfeit Detector,mini intelligent money counter for office and household, encharged portable machine in view of the new version RMB Sale
$52.74 $80.83
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