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GULONG canned stewed pork with brown sauce, Xiamen specialty, heat-and-eat dish, 227g*4 Sale
53.00 74.00
PENGJIANG Qianjiang chicken giblets, Chongqing specialty, heat-and-eat dish, 500g Sale
76.00 106.00
JINLUO Refined Elbow Ham, cold dish, cooked dish, 200g*3 Sale
41.00 58.00
MALING canned sliced stewed pork, braised Dongpo pork, cooked food, instant dish, 397g*3 Sale
84.00 117.00
JINLUO Preserved Egg Sausage, cold dish, cooked dish,  240g*5 Sale
55.00 77.00
Haifusheng eight-treasure porridge, instant porridge, freeze-dried porridge, 38g*6 Sale
39.00 54.00
Yinlu eight-treasure porridge, good porridge, multiple flavors, instant porridge, 280g*12 Sale
56.00 78.00
Wong Lo Kat herbal jelly, inhalable herbal jelly, black bean jelly, 258g*10 Sale
42.00 59.00
ZNSOLAA enzyme jelly, herbal jelly, blueberry flavor, fruit and vegetable meal replacement, 15g*7 Sale
63.00 88.00
ZHIZHONGHE herbal jelly, original flavor, black bean jelly, 200g*12 Sale
63.00 88.00
Shuangqian herbal jelly, original flavor, pop-top cans, gift box, 250g*12 Sale
61.00 86.00
SUNITY herbal jelly, healthy snack, 215g*9 Sale
53.00 74.00
CHUNYUAN self-heated rice, instant rice, 430g*6 Sale
98.00 137.00
Hotcook self-heated fried rice, ready-to-eat meal, fast box food, 260g*4 Sale
67.00 94.00
Chushi self-heated rice, ready-to-eat meal, fast box food, 445g*3 Sale
60.00 84.00
HONGLV self-heated meal, fast box food, ready-to-eat meal, 320g*4 Sale
67.00 93.00
SANQUAN Instant Rice, ready-to-eat meal, set meal, heat in microwave, 4 flavors, 375g*8 Sale
97.00 135.00
SHIZUREN Chongqing sour and spicy rice noodles, instant rice noodles, sweet potato vermicelli, 130g*6 Sale
71.00 100.00
Baijiachenji Sichuan sour and spicy rice noodles, instant rice noodles, sweeet potato vermicelli, 288g*3 Sale
54.00 76.00
Chencun Yunnan crossing-the-bridge rice noodles, non-fired instant rice noodles, 100g*10 Sale
42.00 59.00