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GULONG canned stewed pork with brown sauce, Xiamen specialty, heat-and-eat dish, 227g*4 Sale
53.00 74.00
PENGJIANG Qianjiang chicken giblets, Chongqing specialty, heat-and-eat dish, 500g Sale
76.00 106.00
JINLUO Refined Elbow Ham, cold dish, cooked dish, 200g*3 Sale
41.00 58.00
MALING canned sliced stewed pork, braised Dongpo pork, cooked food, instant dish, 397g*3 Sale
84.00 117.00
JINLUO Preserved Egg Sausage, cold dish, cooked dish,  240g*5 Sale
55.00 77.00
LEE KUM KEE Beijing-Style Sweet Soybean Paste, soybean sauce, can be mixed with noodles, 170g*5 Sale
39.00 55.00
BAOQUAN Soybean Paste, soybean sauce, northeast specialty, can be mixed with rice and noodles, 500g*5 Sale
28.00 39.00
LIMIN Chilli Garlic Sauce, barbecue sauce, can be mixed with rice, noodles and jianbing, 125g*10 Sale
44.00 61.00
Liu Bi Ju Soybean Paste, soy sauce, dipping sauce, can be mixed with noodles, 250g*5 Sale
34.00 48.00
Liu Bi Ju Pure Sesame Paste, hot dry noodle sauce, hot pot dipping sauce, no peanut, 200g*3 Sale
37.00 52.00
XINMEIXIANG instant soup, soup seasoning, laver egg soup, tomato egg soup, spinach egg soup, corn egg soup, 8g*40 Sale
55.00 76.00
SUBO instant soup, soup seasoning, laver-egg soup, spinach-egg soup, Tomato-egg soup, pakchoi-egg soup, vegetables-egg soup, 6g*40 Sale
55.00 76.00
JING YAO spicy beef soup base, soup seasoning, 358g Sale
13.00 19.00
Knorr old hen soup stock, instant soup, soup seasoning, 128g*5 Sale
90.00 125.00
FANGHZONGSHAN spicy beef soup, soup with pepper, soup base, soup seasoning, 4 flavors, 1161g Sale
59.00 82.00
HOT SPACE spicy hotpot condiment, Sichuan Chengdu hotpot seasoning, boiled vegetable oil, no dregs, 260g*3 Sale
70.00 98.00
QIAO TOU hotpot condiment, hotpot seasoning, Chongqing specialty, beef tallow, spicy flavor, 500g Sale
53.00 74.00
Little Sheep clear soup hotpot condiment, hotpot seasoning, light soup, 160g*5 Sale
41.00 57.00
Haidilao tomato-flavored hotpot condiment, hotpot seasoning, 200g Sale
22.00 31.00
QIAO TOU hotpot condiment, hotpot seasoning, Chongqing specialty, beef tallow, spicy flavor, 400g*2 Sale
33.00 47.00